Born and raised in Florence Italy, Carolina studied medicine while modelling around the world including the UK China and the US. and moved in the US 2 years ago.

Her career and school gave her a demanding schedule where she first learn the pitfalls of dieting to keep a healthy and beautiful body so Carolina started to pay attention to food and nutrition as the main resource to achieve a healthy body and a strong mind without relying solely on fade diets and workout.  

Upon moving to the US Carolina realized the impact of daily food choices on everyday people and the misconceptions about calories, nutritional values, diets, and workouts. She witnessed many cases where people were working very hard at the gym for marginal progress and other suffering from weight gains/losses or health problems as a consequence of their diets and misconceptions. She started realizing that there was a widespread miseducation on the subject of food and nutrition and their relationship with a person’s health. These concerns developed to a passion for helping people understand these deep-rooted connections between nutrition and health, not only physically, but also psychologically and emotionally.

Food is the best prevention mankind has against diseases and it is also the best cure people have for all sorts of ailments and illnesses.

Carolina can help you to use food as fuel for your body that combined with an active lifestyle can help you achieve a great healthy body in a strong and happy mind.

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