Power Yogurt Granola Breakfast Bowl

Every morning is different. I know…

And often happens to wake up crazy hungry, needing a good satisfying breakfast that that can shut up your growling stomach and keep you full until lunch.

Instead of indulging in high calories pancakes, Nutella brioches French toast or in the boring bacon & scrambled eggs, here’s what you need to try: Power Yogurt Granola Bowl.

Here’s the recipe of my layered Kiwi, Banana, Dates Yogurt Granola Breakfast Bowl.


  • Fulfilling

  • Energizing

  • Good source of Proteins and Vitamin B12 thanks to the Greek Yogurt which is also very low in Lactose.

  • Good source of Vitamin C and K thanks to the Kiwi.

  • Good source of Vitamin B6 thanks to the banana.

  • Both Kiwi and Bananas are excellent sources of Potassium

  • Rich in fiber thanks to Granola. From just 1/3 cup of granola, you'll get about 4 grams of fiber which helps to regulate digestion and prevent constipation.

  • Good source of Minerals.


  • One cup or little more of plain or vanilla bean Organic Greek Yogurt 0% FAT (No need for extra fats – There’re the granola and coconut chips)

  • One cup of your favorite Organic Granola (I choose the Berry Coconut flavor)

  • Half of a small banana

  • One kiwi

  • Two thin slice of apple

  • One coconut date

  • Organic coconut chips unsweet

Make it happen...

As for every bowls, good quality ingredients and assembling are the key. Just don’t mix everything together. It will taste good, of course, but…you know you should also please the eye.

Start placing the yogurt in a bowl. I definitely recommend these eco-friendly Coconut Bowls that make everything look and taste better.

But, of course, you can use whatever bowl you like.

Than place the granola on one half of the bowl.

And place the chopped ingredients in the other half in the order you like!

Let your fantasy run wild and create your own perfect Power Yogurt Granola Bowl!