Italian Bresaola - Nutrition facts

Bresaola is a very popular Italian cold cut, made of air-dried, salted beef that has been aged two or three months until it becomes hard and turns a dark red.

It is very recommended in low-calories, low-fats diet regimens because it is very low in fats and calories but rich in proteins.

Also, the fact that it's low in cholesterol makes it even more interesting.

Here some Bresaola Nutritional Infos:

As you can see is a nice aliment in terms of nutritional values. It also has a good vitamins concentrations,

especially Thiamin (B12), Niacin (PP) and Cobalamin (B12).

The only thing that makes Bresaola not for everyone is the fact that is very high in Sodium, so definitively is not for you if you are following a low sodium diet, or simply if you are trying to keep your sodium levels low.

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