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Adopting a healthy lifestyle is now becoming very fashionable: more and more people are indeed starting to be aware of the dangerous consequences of poor nutrition habits to their body, how it can impair their daily wellbeing and lead to a higher risk of developing certain kinds of disease at a later age.

In this regard, reading labels to buy good stuff at the grocery store is very important.

But, how much do you really know about the products you buy?

A lot of food manufacturers use words such as “Real,” “Natural,” “Whole,” “Antioxidant,” in their packaging to deceive consumers and trick them into thinking that their products are healthier or of better quality than they really are. And many Americans are effectively fooled by these smart buzzwords, which make them believe they’re buying healthy food, even if they absolutely are not.

In other cases, food companies put just small amounts of healthy-sounding ingredients in their products, often listed at the beginning of the food label, to sell more.

This trick, known as “label padding,” is commonly used by junk food manufacturers who want to be part of the health food trend without actually producing healthy foods.

Buying an energy bar which packaging claims the presence of spirulina doesn’t mean that it is actually healthy food. Indeed, if you spend a minute reading the label, you could maybe notice that there is not enough spirulina in the bar to have any real effect on your health, and that, maybe, you are instead about to eat a good number of toxic ingredients such as parabens, artificial colors and preservatives.

This is scary, right?

Healthy – Finds

Thanks to Healthy-Finds you don’t have to worry about it anymore.

Healthy-Finds is a brand new online platform whose goal is to promote healthy products and at the same time educating consumers about food and ingredient quality. This is done thanks to the work of a passionate team of health and wellness specialists whose purpose is to discover for you the most ALL NATURAL, REAL and EFFECTIVE products on the market.

Healthy-Finds offers only products made by brands which produce the purest, highest quality products in their categories without cutting corners. These brands are not as popular as others run by big corporations and lack the exposure more known products have, leaving even the most conscious heathy food buyers in the dark about their existence. However, these brands could even be more effective and better than their famous counterparts.

You can become a Healthy-Finds member for only 7$ a month and start saving hundreds of dollars on the healthiest brands online carefully selected for you.

Members are entitled to get a $10 gift card for every $50 they spend on any of the Healthy-Finds brand, no matter where they shop. (Amazon, Target, GNC etc.)

Also, as a member, you have access to educational material, books and reports by Dr. Andrew Campbell, a Board Certified in Family Medicine, Geriatrics, and Forensic Medicine who has had over 80 peer-reviewed articles published in medical journals and whose main goal is to treat and prevent diseases using scientifically supported natural methods.

Moreover, members will also receive a FREE phone consultation with one of their great wellness advisors and are able to ask them any questions they might have.

I honestly think this is a great service to try!

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