Eat your way to Healthy skin

How much do you care about your skin health?

In the era of Botox and super-miraculous-effects anti-aging creams, we often forget to start from the basis.

Our skin is the largest organ of our body. With a total area of about 20 square feet is the organ that comes into contact with the rest of the world, protects ourselves from harmful microbes, prevents dehydration holding body fluids in, helps regulate our temperature, and much more.

It can be considered as a window to our body that reveals the stories of our life.

That is why we often struggle to make it look as healthy and young as possible.

However, before spending hundreds of dollars on the next-gen soft surgery treatments, remember that a beautifully healthy skin starts with nourishment from within.

Older cells are constantly replaced by new ones, so feeding them with the right food to promote this rapid growth and getting them enough of these nutrients to keep them healthy, is fundamental.

According to Jessica Wu, MD, a Los Angeles famous dermatologist and author of Feed Your Face. “What you eat can affect your hormone balance, cause acne, and create or lessen inflammation, which is associated with skin aging.” That is why eating your way to healthy skin is as important as buying a new face cream. Maybe even more!

Food that makes you glow

By making some basic changes on your diet you can improve your skin health and look younger and restored. In this regards eating plenty of fruits and vegetables, mainly raw, rich in antioxidants and vitamins, is beneficial for your whole body, including your skin.

Here is a list of food that really nourishes this large organ from the inside in a targeted manner to make you look younger and glowing:


This delicious tropical fruit is packed with vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant, which contributes to the formation of collagen, hastening sun and wind damage repair, and slowing the signs of aging.


Wild strawberries, blackberries, raspberries are rich in Ellagic acid, a natural phenol antioxidant, which can help reduce damages done to skin from over-exposure to sun and can prevent collagen breakdown. It is a natural weapon against skin cancer also.


Broccoli are a real skin food. Besides the good content of Vitamin C, which promote tissue repair, they are high in pantothenic acid, beta-carotene, and sulfur compounds, all of which encourage healthy looking skin.


Carrots are high in beta carotene, an antioxidant from which the body makes Vitamin A, necessary for a beautiful skin. This substance, together with lutein and lycopene, helps repair skin tissue and protects against the sun's harsh rays.

In addition, carrots contain silicon, a beautifying mineral which helps strengthen connective tissues and promotes healthy skin.


Kale is a rich source of vitamin A, C, K and phytonutrients, especially lutein and zeaxanthin, which have the power to neutralize the free radicals created by UV light exposures.

One cup of Kale contains about 130% of your daily value for skin-firming vitamin C and A.


Bell peppers are rich in vitamin C which helps in the production of collagen, the main structural protein in the body that maintains skin integrity.


Not only veggies or fruit.

Rich in flavonoids, great phytonutrients found in cocoa, dark chocolate indeed can help hydrate skin and increase the skin appearance making it more smooth and flexible. When eaten on a regular basis, flavonoids provides a chemical pigment defense against ultraviolet light, preventing wrinkle formations and sun spots.


​Wild salmon is a great food sources of omega-3 fatty acids, important healthy fats, which promote skin glow by decreasing body's production of inflammatory substances, reducing clogged pores, and preventing fine lines and wrinkles.


Their high level of beta-carotene make sweet potatoes beneficial for the skin by fighting free radicals that cause skin aging.


Rich in Vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant, they help improve skin condition by decelerating the aging of skin cells, and protecting them from damages.

Also, don’t forget to drink lots of water!

Foods to avoid

Besides eating these good foods, try to avoid the one well known as troublemakers for the skin, such as fried foods, ham, highly processed food, sugar, milk, and everything high in saturated fats as they can cause rash, and a wave of inflammation throughout the body, which leads to collagen and elastin breakdown, which is very bad for the skin.

Multivitamins & Supplements

If you are not sure about getting enough of these vitamins and healthy nutrients through the diet, to get a multivitamin and mineral complex to improve overall health and assure proper nutrition is a good choice.

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