How to Stay Motivated Throughout the Week: 5 simple tricks to keep yourself focused and exercise reg

So, well...We’ve all been there, you wake up on a Monday and tell yourself you’re going to smash this week’s workouts and you’re excited and ready… and then Wednesday rolls around and you’ve lost a little motivation, maybe you have done only a semi-successful workout. Then Thursday happens and the wheels have almost completely fallen off, you only workout for a few minutes and then tell yourself you have other things to do so you leave the gym early. And by the time Friday is upon you, you’ve already decided that working out on a Friday is crazy, right?

This is normal. Remember: Your fitness journey is just that. A journey. Its not a sprint, it’s a marathon.

You have to find ways to make good habits become permanent and start pushing away the bad ones.

Lets run through a few tips and tricks that can help combat these feelings of complacency and dejectedness and help you stay on track with your fitness throughout the entirety of the week!

1. Put on your workout clothes before you can talk yourself out of it.

It sounds silly, but it's simple and very effective. While you’re there in your room arguing with yourself about whether or not you should go workout, slip on your gym clothes.

By the time the good and evil “yous” get done fighting, you’ve already made the decision for them.

Believe me, you feel pretty bad when you neglect yourself and skip the gym, but you feel even worse when you have to take back off your gym clothes and have them stare at you in disgust from the corner of your room for the rest of the night.

2. Do it for your doubters.

This is easily one of the best ways to get up and go. Every time you’re fighting the urge to stay on the couch or not go to the gym after work, simply think about all the people in your life that wouldn’t be surprised by you taking the easy way out.

There doesn’t necessarily have to be mortal enemies involved, just use the fact that most of the people in your life might guess that you’d skip the gym or stay in bed because its what they’d do, as motivation.

Prove them wrong! Surprise some people. Surprise yourself!

3. Write down how you feel after each time you successfully go to the gym and have a good workout.

Then, on the days that you’re just not feeling it, you can pull out that notebook or that note on your phone and read firsthand that you felt much better after, that you’re so glad you got up and did it that day, or that you felt like you got better during that workout.

If that doesn’t give you a kick in the pants then I don’t know what will!

4. Constantly remind yourself of your “why.”

This is possibly the most powerful element of your fitness motivation. Remember why you wanted to get fit in the first place. Remember your goal. Maybe there’s this dress that you would just love to be able to get into. Maybe there’s this girl or guy that you think you could get to notice you if you just had a better body, and therefore more confidence. Maybe there’s a friend or family member that has a physical or mental disability and just can’t do what you’re capable of doing and would love to be able to, and here you are taking things for granted.

You have to use whatever your “why” is and hold it in front of you all the time, especially in those dangerous moments of laziness or defeat, and don’t ever allow yourself to forget why you started.

5. Workout with a friend!

When someone is counting on you to meet them at the gym, it’s a lot harder to skip. This is a fact: working out with a friend keeps you accountable; you need to show up and bring it!

Also, having someone whom you can chat a bit, makes exercise more enjoyable. It's a double gain: you're hanging out with your buddy and breaking a sweat in one go!

Use these tips for motivation in order to have the most successful week of fitness you’ve had yet!

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